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LED Lighting for Retail Stores and Large Retailers.

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Our Expertise

Recognized expertise in LED lighting for retail

Deltrian is a reference in LED lighting for retail stores with solutions adapted to all surfaces. Discover our wide range of retail lighting and welcome your customers in the best conditions.

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Install high-performance lighting in your stores

LED lighting for retail
LED lighting for retail

LED lighting for retail

Energy is a key element of your business: our retail lighting allows you to save money. By spending less on your lighting, you are able to increase your margins through cost reduction. Our retail lighting consumes little energy for a quality lighting that withstands any challenge, so you win at every level.

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

Improve the customer experience of your consumers with LED lighting for retail stores leading to the points of sale in your shopping mall. Placed in the right places, our luminaires will showcase your stalls, your shelves, and your products in a new light to your customers. Give them the desire to come back thanks to high-level lighting, studied and strategic locations.

Stores and points of sale

Stores and points of sale

Present your products in full light with our retail lighting, organize your store as you wish without worrying about the quality of the lighting. The power of our luminaires, while remaining energy-efficient, is always there. Your point of sale becomes a welcoming place, where it is good to spend time and shop in all conviviality.

Our Added Value

What are the advantages of Deltrian LED lamps adapted to retail?

Enhance your merchandise

Our LED lighting helps you attract customers with lighting adapted to each type of product in your store (clothing, cosmetics, fruits and vegetables, bakery, caterer and wine, etc.).

A long-standing experience

We have been experts in the field of lighting for retail stores for over 12 years.

A flexible solution

Whatever the layout of your store, the orientation of the light adapts to your needs.

Energy savings

Our LED lighting consumes little energy, reduces your energy bills, and puts you on an eco-responsible approach.

Lower maintenance costs

Durable and timeless, our LED lighting reduces your expenses related to bulb replacement.

Deltrian & You

Discover our services regarding LED lighting for large retailers


Phase 1: Studies and advice

We conduct an audit of your retail space as well as your lighting needs. Based on these results and your budget, we offer you the solutions best suited to your premises.


Phase 2: Product installation

Our partners can intervene on site to remove your old luminaires and install your new LED lighting. A site manager is dedicated to your project to ensure the quality of the intervention.


Phase 3: Project management

Deltrian accompanies you from the definition of your needs and if you wish, well beyond the installation of your lamps. Join our premium after-sales service which ensures you many advantages.


Phase 4: Financing

We offer you a range of financing solutions adapted to your project so that you can carry out your energy renovation work with peace of mind. You too can see an ROI from the first year post-work.

Good lighting

Select the best LED lighting


Deltrian's flagship range: the DL97 Downlight

Discover Deltrian's flagship range: the energy-efficient DL97 downlight with a 5-year warranty. The ideal lighting solution for your offices.

Retail lighting from all angles.

Well-lit products are products that sell better. The layout and highlighting of your items are crucial in optimizing sales in your store. Therefore, lighting plays a central role in the choice made by customers who visit your shelves. Well-lit aisles invite more purchase, attracting the consumer’s eye more than products hidden in the shadow.

Deltrian's flagship range: the DL97 Downlight

Discover Deltrian's flagship range: the Downlight DL97

This is true for both ready-to-wear and food or cultural consumer goods. Moreover, in the era of energy transition, customers are sensitive to the efforts made by their favorite brands in favor of the environment. The implementation of LED lighting for the retail industry is therefore a strategic choice, as it is also a selling point. In addition, low-energy devices have an interesting impact on the amount of energy bills, thus reducing costs and increasing margins.

The advantages

The strengths of Deltrian LED lamps

LED lighting for retail stores offered by a lighting expert

By trusting Deltrian to choose and install LED lighting within your store, you are opting for a company that can meet your professional needs. We help you choose the best LED lighting possible to showcase your products and invite your customers to purchase. Our lighting products are also energy-efficient, allowing you to save energy in the long term.

Batten, Ceiling Light, Downlight, Floodlight, Full LED, Highbay, Linear Light, Panel, Tracklight, Tubes, and Wall Light are all categories of products that can be adapted to your needs.

  • Limit shadow areas.
  • Provide a pleasant environment for your customers.
  • Showcase your products in the best light.

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Ideal for warehouses and underground areas, the DB18 has a high luminous efficiency of 115lm/w.


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