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Cut rolls.

We mostly use filter media cut rolls to pre-filter the air in a building. Our cut rolls are installed in paint booths, air handling units, and any other installation before more precise and efficient air filters. Therefore, they are suitable for different types of industries, from food processing to hospitals and hotels.
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Illustration Poly


Poly has a progressive structure that allows for a higher dust retention capacity.

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What are the strengths of our cut rolls?

An adaptive range for various air handling systems

Our cut rolls have different dimensions, so you will find products compatible with the width and thickness of your systems. Different filtration classes are available according to your air treatment needs. Our filter media is composed of mineral or synthetic materials.

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Studies and advice

After an audit of your activity, we are able to offer you the cut rolls adapted to the dimensions of your installations.

Product placement

We guide you in the choice of the location of your filter media to optimize the function of your installation for better air quality.