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Cartridge Filters.

Discover our range of highly resistant cartridge air filters. Specifically designed to withstand the constraints that can be applied to gas turbines, our range of cartridge filters combines flow performance with high efficiency filtration needs.
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Deltrian PV filters are the best filters to meet the high-efficiency filtration needs for gas turbines.

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How are our cartridge filters composed?

Learn everything about our cartridge filters for gas turbines

Each of our air filters is designed to withstand strong crushing, heat, and pressure constraints. Their structure, made of microfiber, ensures better air treatment, resistance to humidity, and a longer lifespan.

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With over 50 years of expertise in air filtration, we have developed cartridge air filters that meet extreme environmental conditions in the gas turbine industry.


Studies and advice

Because we know that your activity is unique and that your gas turbines operate in specific environments, we are by your side to analyze the constraints you face in order to provide you with the appropriate solution.

Product placement

To ensure the proper functioning of your installations, we study with you the best location of our air filtration cartridges in your installations to optimize its efficiency.