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Air Filtration Systems in Laboratories.

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Ensuring safety in your laboratories with clean air

Exhaust and supply air vents are subject to the same biosafety air filtration issues. Our air filters are here to meet these challenges!

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Charbon actif



Activated carbon: What is its role in air filtration?

Find out what activated carbon is, what the different types of activated carbon filters are, how they work, and why you should use them.

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Our strengths

Expertise adapting to the specificities of different laboratories.

Preventing the spread of pathogens

Filters for nuclear medicine and adapted to the treatment of infectious diseases in isolation rooms.

Protection against high-risk pathogens

Choose our products for the highest BSL-4 risks of incurable and/or deadly diseases.

Protection of scientists and laboratory technicians

Face pathogens and chemicals that can affect both your operators and the environment.

Air filtration in radioactive environments

Filters adapted to air treatment in the manipulation of highly radioactive substances.

Air filtration containing chemical substances

Filters adapted to air treatment in the manipulation of biological and chemical products.

Protection of laboratory equipment

Our components guarantee the safety of your clean room operators, equipment, and procedures.


Choose TFM® Service and benefit from a complete maintenance contract for air filtration.

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Total Filtration Management®

Need clean air in your professional environment? With the TFM® contract, you will have access to performant air filters tailored to your needs, evolving services, and dedicated teams to assist you in the installation of new equipment.

The stakes

Ensuring absolute hygiene with our air filters


Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Discover the complete solution that Deltrian offers you for disinfecting your premises: dry misting.

Internal and external risks to control

Air filtration in biosafety matters is of paramount importance. Controlled environments such as pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical laboratories, as well as nuclear research centers, are places where operators manipulate toxic, radioactive substances, bacteria and viruses, infectious agents, and other parasites. These dangerous pathogens not only represent safety problems for workers, procedures, and equipment, but also a threat to the outside world.

Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Under no circumstances should these particles or gaseous molecules carried by the air escape or become out of control within controlled environments. There are four security levels (BSL), the fourth being the highest, with serious and deadly consequences for exposed persons. Our air filtration systems prevent these microorganisms from escaping their controlled environment or entering high-risk cleanrooms and laboratories.

Air filters

Meeting the biosafety challenges of your laboratory

Because we are aware of the high-risk challenges of your industry

Our air filtration systems are designed and thought out to meet the biosafety challenges and standards of your laboratory, cleanroom, or any other controlled environment. Whatever security level you face, our products meet your needs. Strengthen your control over the progression of diseases, contaminants, and toxic substances with air treatment that meets your constraints.

  • Efficient particle filters
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of your installation
  • Low operating costs allowing you to reallocate your research budget
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Compact and economical, the RPV 3V ST filters are highly efficient and suitable for air handling units.

Compact and Rigid Filters

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