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55 years of history and advanced expertise.

In over half a century, Deltrian has developed its expertise through a research and development strategy based on the quest for ever more efficient technological solutions. The company has become an essential reference on the international filtration market.


Clean and pure air for a healthy and sustainable world

Ensuring better health in a sustainable world: this is what motivates us every day and drives us to develop, produce, and distribute our products and solutions through our growing network in Europe and beyond.


Rudolf Svrcina to head Deltrian

Rudolf joined the company in July 2017 as Managing Director of Deltrian Slovakia. His previous experience in international companies helped him to improve the efficiency of Deltrian's production departments. He launched new production plants in Lithuania, Spain and Morocco. With his visionary and strategic leadership, decisiveness and customer-oriented approach, Rudolf brings a new dimension to Deltrian International.


New high-performance equipment in Fleurus

Deltrian is reorganizing its activity in Fleurus with the creation of an 8,000 m² building on the Martinrou zone. Designed to increase production and develop logistics services, the site will create new jobs.


A high-performance financial center with the arrival of Aurian de Briey as CFO

Aurian de Briey joins the Deltrian teams in August 2022. Skilled in management and the development of people and organizations, he is now exercising his passion within Deltrian International and creating value by transforming and optimizing the company.


Promising development towards the African continent with Deltrian Africa

Deltrian is expanding its activity in Southern Europe and North Africa. With 20 years of experience in production, Salah Eddine Si Saghir is leading the Tanger site in Morocco, where filters and galvanized cells are produced.


A new CEO, Timothée De Greift, a confirmed expert in the industry

At the beginning of 2021, Timothée De Greift took office as CEO at Deltrian International. With his solid experience in the industry, Tim allows the company to increase its activities across all subsidiaries to provide the world with ever-purer air.


Cutting-edge technology for high-performance protective masks

In March 2021, Deltrian continues its development with the design and distribution of a new mask that destroys 99.9% of viral particles, including coronavirus, thanks to a new process. This new technology will notably better protect healthcare personnel.


A quick adaptation to protect the population during a pandemic

To meet the needs of the hospital environment and face the COVID-19 pandemic, the Walloon government chose Deltrian in March 2020 to develop surgical masks. Wallonia will be able to have its own stock of masks.


A new production line praised by the Walloon Government

In June 2020, three ministers from the region inaugurated the new production lines at Deltrian's Walloon site. The company is now able to produce around 160 masks per minute! This capacity should continue to increase during the year.


Over 55 years of advancing research in air quality

Deltrian has been supplying its products in the air purification field for over 55 years. Thanks to its experience, the company continues to support its customers by offering ever more innovative solutions in terms of performance.


Equipment at its best with a more adapted production site in Slovakia

This year marks the expansion of the production site in Slovakia, now equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, it guarantees superior quality and greater production capacity.


Creation of the Lighting department

Born from a meeting between Jürgen Alexius, CEO of Deltrian, and Thierry Deppe, a pioneer in the lighting industry with over 30 years of experience, this department now competes with the biggest players in the market. Since then, Deltrian has developed a wide range of LED lighting products, the result of a close strategic collaboration at the cutting edge of technology. By simultaneously offering filtration and LED lighting products, always more "energy-efficient", our company further emphasizes its impact on energy efficiency.


ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certificates obtained

In 2004, Deltrian obtained certifications for compliance with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards, ensuring the excellence of internal processes and management systems as well as compliance with all environmental standards.


Deltrian exports internationally

Deltrian first opened up to France. This was followed by numerous exports to Slovakia, the Netherlands, Morocco, Italy and Germany. Today, Deltrian is present in 13 countries, with 5 production sites.


Creation of Total Filtration Management®

TFM® is a maintenance service specific to Deltrian created to guarantee companies air quality in line with their safety requirements and standards.


A new generation at the helm

Jürgen Alexius took over the family business at Deltrian. The company underwent an important turning point by launching the design and production of its own range of filters.


Birth of Deltrian Belgium

Klaus Alexius founds Deltrian. The company specialises in the filtration-ventilation sector for industry, with a predominantly trading activity.