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Mounting Elements.

Our mounting elements are reception frames for pocket filters, pre-filters, and compact filter cells. They allow you to segment air filtration within your indoor air treatment systems. You can also create large filter walls based on your air quality improvement needs. Our specialists offer customized solutions.
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Illustration CDCH


Ensuring efficiency, the CDCH allows for quick and easy installation of receiving filters. Its characteristics set it apart.

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The Range

What are the specifics of our air filter mounting elements?

Everything you need to know about air filtration mounting elements by Deltrian

The modular design of our air filter mounting elements allows us to adapt them to any type of application. Our products are easy to assemble, quick to install, and ensure the air filtration systems’ seal within the reception frame.

Our Services

Services to help you with your projects

Because we care about your satisfaction, we offer services tailored to the installation of your air filter mounting elements.


Studies and advice

Our specialists analyze the layout and specifics of your structure to offer you the most suitable mounting elements for your needs.

Product placement

For optimal indoor air purification, we help you place your mounting elements in strategic locations.