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Pocket Filters.

We offer pocket filters made of mineral materials (glass fiber) or synthetic materials assembled in metal frames. Regardless of the chosen filter media material, you benefit from superior air filtration efficiency as well as resistance to fine particles and polluting molecules. Applications are numerous: tertiary buildings, museums, hospitals, airports...
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Illustration Drop Safe (G4-M5-M6)

Drop Safe (G4-M5-M6)

Drop Safe (G4-M5-M6) rigid bag filters are highly efficient pre-filters especially dedicated to air intake systems in gas turbines.

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What are the advantages of our pocket filters?

All about Deltrian pocket filters

Very common in heating and air conditioning installations in commerce and industry, pocket filters serve as both prefilters and complete air filters. They can also be installed in polluted air extraction and recycling ports. They retain dust better and longer.

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Our goal is your complete satisfaction: to this end, we offer services tailored to your pocket filter installation project.


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Before your project, we study your needs. The goal? To guide you towards the best possible choice of pocket filters in terms of quality and quantity.

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We select suitable locations for installing your pocket filters and thus optimize the quality of indoor air.