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Filtering cells.

With Deltrian filtering cells, you have an effective fine particle filtration system. You can use our products with your heating systems, air conditioners, or mechanical ventilation. As true first lines of defense, our filtering cells can serve as coarse filters to preserve your fine particle filters from the largest dust particles.
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Illustration FC Cardboard

FC Cardboard

Lightweight, rigid and compactable, the FC Cardboard filter cells are designed for paint booths and air recovery in hospitals.

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How do our filtering cells work?

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The retention capacity of our filtering cells is due to their large filtration surface. Waterproof, they offer suitable protection for your air and thermal comfort systems against coarse particles. After use, waste is limited as they can be incinerated.

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At Deltrian, we are committed to providing you with filtering cells tailored to your needs and a fully personalized service.


Studies and advice

Through a study of your air conditioning, heating, or ventilation system, we provide you with the most suitable advice for your situation to choose the right filtering cells.

Product placement

Because the placement of filtering cells is crucial to protecting more sensitive air filter systems, we help you place our products within your structure.