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Our range of equipment for detecting carbon dioxide.

Breathing and air pollution can lead to an accumulation of carbon dioxide indoors. A high level of CO2 in the air can cause numerous harmful effects on health and well-being. At Deltrian, we offer you different equipment to measure the level of CO₂ in the air to improve the quality of your indoor environment.
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Détecteur CO² - Quaelis 10 3 | Deltrian Protective

Quaelis 10

Don't be caught off guard by poor air quality

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For healthier and more pleasant indoor air

Control the parameters of air quality: humidity, temperature, CO₂ quantity.

In premises likely to accommodate personnel or the public, it is essential to monitor the quality of indoor air. Our devices are equipped with sensors capable of accurately measuring the concentration of CO₂ in the air. They also measure the humidity level as well as the temperature.

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Services to help you in the realization of your projects

With the spread of Covid-19 and many seasonal illnesses, it becomes essential to control indoor air quality. At Deltrian, we offer you different services to improve your daily life.


Studies and advice

Following our initial contact, we make a visit to your premises to assess the different issues you are exposed to. We study your environment to offer you a tailor-made solution.

Product placement

Our support includes delivery, installation, and commissioning of different equipment. During all these installation stages, our team advises and sensitizes you on the operation of the installed equipment.

Management and financing

We remain at your disposal to organize the maintenance and servicing of equipment for air purification if necessary. To facilitate your purchase, we offer you different financing solutions!