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Compact and Rigid Filters.

Our compact and rigid filters are used to filter high-volume air flows. They are installed in air handling units or ventilation systems in the tertiary sector, hospitals, agribusiness, hospitality, or laboratories. They are positioned upstream of activated carbon filters or any other air filter with higher filtering efficiency.
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DCP Compact and Rigid Filters have a large filtration surface. The larger the surface, the longer the lifespan.

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What are the benefits of our compact and rigid filters?

Improved efficiency for your large air volumes

Our selection of compact and rigid filters significantly improves the air quality within your professional premises. Thanks to their high-quality design and materials, their longevity is improved. And thanks to their metal frame, you save maintenance time.

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Services to help you with your projects

We support you in the choice and installation of your compact and rigid air filters.


Studies and advice

We analyze the air treatment needs of your business before your project to advise you on the best compact and rigid filters for your company.

Product placement

Need help with the installation and placement of your compact and rigid filters? We are here for you.

Management and financing

Because such a project requires commitment and personalized follow-up, our project managers are at your disposal. You can also choose from different financing solutions.