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Air filtration systems for offices and public buildings.

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Deltrian is at your service to improve air quality

At Deltrian , we deploy real expertise in the building sector to serve our customers. In terms of filtration, we offer solutions adapted to the specific needs of your structure.

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Charbon actif



Activated carbon: What is its role in air filtration?

Find out what activated carbon is, what the different types of activated carbon filters are, how they work, and why you should use them.

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The benefits of air filtration

A financial gain for your building

Invest in quality, long-lasting air filtration systems.

Reduced maintenance costs

A quality air filtration system costs less to maintain and is less prone to malfunctions.

Optimized operating costs

The quality of the products allows you to quickly amortize the purchase and installation price of your filtration systems.

Increased productivity

Good air quality improves the health of your employees, as well as their productivity.

Ventilate better to heat better

Ventilate without opening the windows, limit heat loss and save energy!

A greener office or public building

Consuming less energy thanks to better filtration also means reducing the environmental impact of the building.


Choose TFM® Service and benefit from a complete maintenance contract for air filtration.

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Total Filtration Management®

Need clean air in your professional environment? With the TFM® contract, you will have access to performant air filters tailored to your needs, evolving services, and dedicated teams to assist you in the installation of new equipment.


Ensuring Effective Office Air Filtration


Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Discover the complete solution that Deltrian offers you for disinfecting your premises: dry misting.

Air filtration systems for public buildings and commercial buildings adapted to the specificities of your building.

In an office or an open space, the windows are rarely open, and all the more so in the event of bad weather. Your employees want to stay warm! Moreover, many tertiary buildings are still equipped with now obsolete ventilation systems, which simply circulate pollutants. Old air filters are not replaced, and no longer capture polluting particles and molecules from indoor air as well as outdoor air.

Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

As a result, unfortunately, the air inside our public and commercial buildings is often much more polluted than the air outside! In this context, air filters represent a major challenge. Dust, pollen, smoke… So many polluting substances that are sources of allergies and other health problems that disturb the efficiency of employees and office workers.

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Deltrian air filters for healthy offices

Ensuring the respiratory comfort of the public while protecting your ventilation systems, our filters guarantee optimal indoor air flow

Deltrian offers you air filters adapted to the particularities, configurations and specificities of your public or commercial building. We take the measure of the complexity of having to manage the presence of employees in confined spaces every day. This is why all our air filters are designed to simplify your renovation project, significantly improve air quality for your employees and allow you to make real energy savings.

  • Optimization of energy costs
  • Improved working conditions for your employees
  • Increased productivity in your workspace
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Our Energy Saving version of the RPV rigid filter helps you save energy.

Compact and Rigid Filters

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