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Air filtration boxes.

Our filtration boxes contribute to air purification in many sectors: pharmaceutical laboratories, health, hospital environment, agri-food, electronic components, cleanrooms... Compatible with storage cabinets, our air filter boxes offer high protection against the inhalation of harmful substances.
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Illustration CDLA


Economical and easy to assemble thanks to its lightness, the CDLA casing with double labeling allows for better traceability.

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The range

What are the benefits of our range of filtration boxes?

Everything you need to know about Deltrian air filter boxes

With our filtration boxes, you optimize the operation of your air filters by recirculating filtered air for your cleanrooms and laboratories. Adaptable, easy to connect and secure for your operators, our filtration boxes also connect to your smartphone.

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Services to help you with your projects

At Deltrian, we have been specialists in filtration for over 50 years and we offer filtration boxes tailored to your needs.


Studies and advice

We analyze the needs of your business before your project to advise you better on the choice of your air filter boxes.

Product placement

Indoor air quality is crucial for the smooth running of your business: we therefore help you to place your filtration boxes in key locations.

Management and financing

Need financing solutions for your air filtration boxes? We offer options adapted to your budget. We also accompany you from the beginning to the end of your project.