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High temperature filters.

High temperature filters are used behind air circuits involving compressed air dryers using heat. Their role is to protect equipment and processes from dust even beyond 120°C. More broadly, they are used when temperatures that are more extreme than normal are involved in procedures. There are also very high efficiency filters that can withstand up to 250°C.
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Illustration HE-MP HT


HE-MP HT filters are used in filtration processes requiring high temperature resistance. These filters are robust and offer remarkable efficiency.

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What are the benefits of our high temperature filters?

Resistance to extreme temperatures and real operating efficiency

Our high temperature filters can withstand extreme operating conditions, up to 250°C without interrupting air treatment. They are able to accumulate a large volume of dust without releasing any fibers into the circuit.

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Studies and advice

An audit of your activity is carried out to analyze your needs for resistance to high temperatures, for air treatment within your processes.

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We choose with you strategic locations to place your high temperature air filters and thus optimize air treatment under extreme conditions.