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Our Lighting Solutions for Your Public Offices and Buildings.

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Equip your public and tertiary buildings with LED lighting compatible with your activity

Our mission is to provide you with professional LED lighting that meets your needs in terms of brightness while taking into account your economic constraints and ecological convictions. And this, regardless of your activity.

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High-performance LED lamps for public and private buildings

LED lighting for public buildings
LED lighting for public buildings

LED lighting for public buildings

Your public buildings deserve to be highlighted and offer lighting adapted to different uses. It is a matter of finding the right balance between the power of the light beams and the warmth of reassuring lighting. Energy-efficient, our LED lighting is performant, robust, and aesthetic for your public building. With Deltrian, you have access to professional LED solutions for your highly visited buildings.

LED lighting for offices and open spaces

LED lighting for offices and open spaces

The visual comfort of your teams remains a major issue in offices and open spaces. Offer good working conditions to your employees by installing LED lighting with a pleasant brightness and aesthetic design. Choose economical, long-life luminaires for your workspaces. Deltrian LED luminaires ensure lighting adapted to all atmospheres.

LED lighting for hallways and circulation areas

LED lighting for hallways and circulation areas

Lighting a passage requires finding a balance between permanent lighting and energy savings. The solution? Performant, design, and intelligent lighting for your reception areas, hallways, and entryways. Deltrian offers specific luminaires for your common areas with motion detection or anti-glare technologies.


Let's shed light on the advantages of switching to LED in business

A decrease in your energy bill

An LED bulb consumes almost 10 times less energy than an incandescent bulb, which is reflected in your bill.

A wide choice of professional lighting

Professional quality for your LED to better illuminate your public and private buildings.

A decrease in maintenance operations

An LED lamp or tube illuminates an average of 50,000 hours. The result? You no longer need to change the lamps.

An intelligent lighting solution

LED manufacturers have developed low-energy or automated intelligent lamps for every need.

An informed choice for the environment

Reveal the potential of your building through the lighting of your interior or exterior spaces.

Enhancement of your workspace

Showcase your workspaces to your customers and prospects and improve your brand image.

Deltrian & You

Custom support for your LED lighting project


Phase 1: studies and advice

We carry out an audit of your office building or public building as well as your lighting needs. Based on these results and your budget, we offer you the solutions best suited to your premises.


Phase 2: product installation

Our partners can intervene on-site to remove your old luminaires and install your new LED lighting. A site manager is dedicated to your project to ensure the quality of the intervention.


Phase 3: project management

Deltrian accompanies you from the definition of your needs and, if you wish, well beyond the installation of your lamps. Join our premium after-sales service that offers you many advantages.


Phase 4: financing

We offer you a set of financing solutions adapted to your project so that you can carry out your energy renovation work with peace of mind. You too can see a return on investment from the first year after the work.

The power of LED

Valorize the building and stimulate its occupants


Deltrian's flagship range: the DL97 Downlight

Discover Deltrian's flagship range: the energy-efficient DL97 downlight with a 5-year warranty. The ideal lighting solution for your offices.

Beyond producing light, LED enhances buildings and creates a lighting atmosphere in line with the purpose of the room.

The quality of the interior lighting system of an office or public building is essential to allow users to carry out their activity. The choice of this system is very important because it influences the quality of work of employees, the lighting atmosphere of the establishment, fixed charges, and maintenance costs of the building. The choice of technology is also important because it makes it possible to determine the lighting that is most suitable for a given context: the lighting of an office, an open space, a hall, a meeting or reception room requires an appropriate approach.

Deltrian's flagship range: the DL97 Downlight

Discover Deltrian's flagship range: the Downlight DL97

The outdoor lighting system of an office or public building serves other objectives. Of course, it must allow the immediate surroundings to be illuminated, but it must also sublimate your establishment. It allows you to highlight your building, give it an identity, a soul. It is an element of demarcation not to be neglected. Your activity is important, make it known by a lighting system that lives up to it.

Our commitments

Combine the best product and the best service

Deltrian is committed to offering you performant LED lighting solutions, based on a selection of quality products and a tailor-made service.

Our first strength is our agility. The breadth and depth of our product range allows us to adapt to your requests and the specificities of your establishment. Whether for the interior of your establishment, its facade, the surroundings, or the surrounding gardens, we have the lighting systems you need.

Batten, Ceiling Light, Downlight, Floodlight, Full LED, Highbay, Linear Light, Panel, Tracklight, Tubes, and Wall Light are all categories of products that can be adapted to your needs.

  • Reduced usage and maintenance costs.
  • A decrease in your CO2 emissions.
  • A support service from A to Z.
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Our LED lighting products for buildings

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Discover the Tracklight - TL90, a high-end lighting with professional optical design.


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