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LED Lighting for Parking with Deltrian.

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A Range of High-Performance Lighting for Your Parking Area

Because peace of mind and security should also be about energy savings for your parking area, Deltrian offers you its range of parking lighting solutions. Eliminate dark areas and control your lighting!

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Customized Lighting

Your Luminaires for Parking Area Lighting

LED Lighting for Parking Areas
LED Lighting for Parking Areas

LED Lighting for Parking Areas

Underground parking lighting should be both bright and uniform so as to provide drivers with a sense of security and a suitable driving experience in this constantly moving space. Spotlights, LED tubes... Our LED parking lighting significantly improves driving visibility and simplifies maneuvers. Dark areas are reduced, ensuring better control behind the wheel and a smoother driving experience.

On-Demand Parking Lighting

On-Demand Parking Lighting

Because managing a space where arrivals and departures are constant, we offer you the possibility of setting up on-demand parking lighting. This translates into real energy savings, as you avoid leaving your parking lights on permanently. On-demand parking lighting is also an easier maintenance option, as your equipment is less stressed.

Waterproofing for Parking Lighting

Waterproofing for Parking Lighting

To ensure that external weather conditions do not affect your parking lights, the luminaires we offer you at Deltrian guarantee you waterproofing in all situations. In addition to a homogeneous external parking lighting, you have equipment that is resistant to moisture and bad weather. Wiring is protected so that even in rainy weather, your lighting illuminates drivers and their path.

Our Added Value

What are the advantages of Deltrian parking lamps?

Secure all your spaces

Our parking lighting installations guarantee safe driving for users.

Long-lasting luminaires

You reduce replacement costs thanks to high-durability LED lighting.

Enhanced parking lighting control

You manage and configure lighting in different areas with remote control and configuration functions.

ESPA Label

Deltrian accompanies and advises you in obtaining or improving your ESPA label.

Less energy expenditure

Reducing your energy consumption through LED lighting also means reducing your electricity bills and contributing to improving your carbon footprint.

Easy-to-Install LED Lighting

Installation of your parking lighting is quick and easy, without constraints.

Deltrian & You

Deltrian analyzes your needs and advises you


Phase 1: Studies and Advice

Benefit from the Dialux lighting study program including an audit of your parking area as well as your lighting needs. Based on these results and your budget, we offer you the solutions that best suit your premises.


Phase 2: Product Installation

Our partners can intervene on site to remove your old luminaires and install your new LED lighting. A site manager is dedicated to your project to ensure the quality of the intervention.


Phase 3: Project Management

Deltrian accompanies you from the definition of your needs and, if you wish, well beyond the installation of your lamps. Join our premium after-sales service which offers you many benefits.


Phase 4: Financing

We offer you a set of financing solutions adapted to your project so that you can carry out your energy renovation work with peace of mind. Like this, you will see a return on investment from the first year after the work.

Good Lighting

A feeling of security


Deltrian's flagship range: the DL97 Downlight

Discover Deltrian's flagship range: the energy-efficient DL97 downlight with a 5-year warranty. The ideal lighting solution for your offices.

A calm driving experience

The lighting systems present in parking areas are often on 24/7. Thus, choosing the right lighting system has a direct and major impact on the operating and maintenance costs of your parking area. Thanks to our LED luminaires, you reduce your bill while ensuring that you reduce your maintenance costs. Moreover, the spectrum of diffusion, distribution, and homogeneity of light is optimized.

Deltrian's flagship range: the DL97 Downlight

Discover Deltrian's flagship range: the Downlight DL97

At night, in a parking area, poor lighting increases the feeling of insecurity. Well-designed lighting by Deltrian guarantees drivers using your parking area comfort and safety thanks to improved visibility for sometimes narrow maneuvers.


Energy savings and intelligent management

Optimization of the use of your professional luminaires

Our LED lighting for parking lots offers you higher energy efficiency than traditional bulbs. You will save on energy costs in the long term, which will directly affect the amount on your energy bills. By consuming less energy, you will also reduce the environmental impact of your activity. Additionally, you can optimize the hours and areas of lighting with intelligent and real-time configurable management.

Atex, Batten, Ceiling Light, Floodlight, Full LED, Street light, Trunklight, Tubes, and Wall Light are some of the product categories that can be adapted to your needs.

  • Drivers feel safe
  • Intelligent parking lighting management
  • Real long-term energy savings

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Following the evolution of technology, the lighting of the SMART PANEL U-DP TUYA can be controlled via your Smartphone.


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