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Our Different Lighting Systems.

Choosing Deltrian's lighting systems means ensuring a long-term installation and support in your CSR policy thanks to our LED systems with an average lifespan of over 50,000 hours and low energy consumption. Choose from a wide range of customizable lighting products according to your needs.

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Efficiently light up professional areas and sports halls with Delbay lighting.

Our Added Value

The Benefits of Our Products

High-Performance Lighting Ranges

For all professional sites that require intense lighting, Deltrian offers luminaires adapted to different surfaces, including the largest ones.

Adapted Solutions for All Conditions

For outdoor surfaces, we offer resistant, reliable and intense lighting devices. Our LED projectors, for example, are designed to operate sustainably.

Unmatched Durability

Efficient lighting is a significant productivity gain! To maintain it, your light must be present at all times, for a long time, and in all conditions.

Energy Savings

Opt for intense brightness with a performant, discreet and energy-efficient installation. Think about your energy bills and control costs!

Regulation-Compliant Luminaires

We offer products designed for explosion or fire risk areas. Industry, construction, hospital environments… Choose secure lighting equipment.

Present Maintenance Service

With delivery and installation, Deltrian offers a reactive and efficient maintenance service. Our teams are ready to intervene at any time.

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