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Our selection of LED lighting for hospitals.

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Light and lighting in a medical environment

Take advantage of Deltrian's extensive experience in professional lighting and install lighting products that meet the needs of hospitals.

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Custom lighting

A lighting experience for the well-being of caregivers and patients.

The patient experience
The patient experience

The patient experience

Some areas of a hospital do not always have access to natural light. Providing the best possible experience to patients through quality hospital lighting is fundamental to the medical relationship within a healthcare facility.

The well-being of caregivers

The well-being of caregivers

Healthcare personnel work for hours every day in operating rooms and hallways of their hospital. Brightness being an important source of well-being, it goes without saying that your healthcare facility must benefit from the best luminaires.

Improved care

Improved care

Medical lighting enables doctors and nurses to give their best when providing care. For patients, the absence of light can be a lack for their internal clock. Day/night cycles can be disrupted in long-term patients, so it is important to properly illuminate them when necessary.

Our added value

The best for your hospital lighting

Real energy savings

LED technology allows you to reduce your energy consumption even as your lighting operates 24/7.

Improved stay

Reception, examination rooms, patient rooms… Create a welcoming atmosphere.

Ease of installation

Meet the technical requirements of certain areas such as operating rooms.

Waterproof and durable

The lifespan of our devices is up to five times longer than traditional lighting.

Lower usage costs

Lighting that lasts long and therefore reduces your replacement and maintenance costs.

Comfort for hospital staff

Well-lit, your surgeons and nurses benefit from better concentration for their interventions.

Deltrian & You

Our services for your lighting in a medical environment


Phase 1: Studies and advice

We carry out a lighting audit of your hospital as well as your lighting needs. Based on these results and your budget, we offer you the solutions best suited to your premises.


Phase 2: Product installation

Our partners can intervene on site to remove your old luminaires and install your new LED lamps. A site manager is dedicated to your project to ensure the quality of the intervention.


Phase 3: Project management

Deltrian accompanies you from the definition of your needs and, if you wish, well beyond the installation of your lighting. Join our premium after-sales service which offers you many advantages.


Phase 4: Financing

We offer you a set of financing solutions adapted to your project so that you can carry out your energy renovation work with peace of mind. You too can see an ROI from the first year after the work.

Good lighting

Hospital lighting and medical efficiency


Deltrian's flagship range: the DL97 Downlight

Discover Deltrian's flagship range: the energy-efficient DL97 downlight with a 5-year warranty. The ideal lighting solution for your offices.

For quality care

The presence of good lighting in a healthcare facility is a guarantee of a favorable environment for surgical interventions, medical consultations, implementation of care, and optimal patient reception.

Deltrian's flagship range: the DL97 Downlight

Discover Deltrian's flagship range: the Downlight DL97

The healthcare sector could not do without a quality electrical installation and lighting. Hospital lighting is one of the essential components for the smooth running of services within medical facilities.


The advantages of Deltrian luminaires

Quality medical lighting

Deltrian offers you professional lighting perfectly adapted to hospitals, care and health homes. In addition to a considerable improvement in the patient experience, you promote the concentration of surgeons, doctors, nurses, and caregivers. This is about the quality of the service provided, but also the well-being of the entire healthcare team of your facility.

Atex, Batten, Ceiling Light, Floodlight, Full LED, Highbay, Linear Light, Panel, Tracklight, Tube, and Wall Light are just some of the categories of products that can be adapted to your needs.

  • Reduced usage and maintenance costs.
  • A soothing lighting atmosphere.
  • Comprehensive support service.
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66 ALU

Resistant to high ambient temperatures, the FULL LED IP66 ALU is ideal for outdoor lighting applications.

Full LED

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