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Public lighting, urban commitment with Deltrian.

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Our expertise in public lighting

Install an energy-efficient and secure outdoor lighting system

Our mission is to help you set up an outdoor lighting system, private or public, with high-performance LEDs to reduce your costs, limit light pollution, give a sense of security to users, and reduce the impact of your installation on the environment.

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LED technology applied to public lighting

LED public lighting for streets, bike paths
LED public lighting for streets, bike paths

LED public lighting for streets, bike paths

Deltrian offers you outdoor LED lighting that guarantees up to 90% energy savings. Luminaires to be mounted on walls or poles, offering perfect resistance to water, frost and high temperatures. Ideal for: pedestrian streets, bike paths, squares, roads and highways. Deltrian: professional LED solutions to light public roads and streets.

LED lighting for outdoor buildings

LED lighting for outdoor buildings

LED lighting to enhance your public buildings and outdoor spaces hosting visitors. Solutions that allow you to maintain safety lighting while respecting your public lighting budget. Ideal for: public buildings, museums, stadium stands, playgrounds and courtyards. Deltrian: design and robust outdoor lamps for your public outdoor areas.

LED lighting for public parks and gardens

LED lighting for public parks and gardens

A set of LED lighting for public parks and gardens designed to showcase your heritage, secure your public spaces and optimize your outdoor lighting budget. Ideal for: parks, squares, cemeteries, lakes and natural aquatic spaces. Deltrian: energy-efficient and elegantly designed lighting for public gardens, significantly reducing your maintenance interventions.

Our added value

Why trust Deltrian for public lighting?

The "Green Attitude"

For an eco-responsible vision of your installations, choose Deltrian LED luminaires.

Improve visibility

Illuminate the path of pedestrians and ensure safe traffic.

Increased sense of security

A well-lit outdoor area makes people feel better and safer.

Deltrian, or compliance with standards

Deltrian LED public lighting products are ENEC+ certified, in line with current standards.

Consume less

Our LED lighting has an extended lifespan and their low consumption reduces your energy bills.

Reduced maintenance costs

Thanks to the long lifespan and robustness of our LED lighting, you reduce your maintenance costs.

Deltrian & You

To support your public lighting policy.


Phase 1: Studies and advice

We conduct an audit of your public lighting project as well as your lighting needs. Based on these results and your budget, we propose the solutions best suited to your spaces.


Phase 2: Product installation

Our partners can intervene on site to remove your old luminaires and install your new LED lighting. A site manager is dedicated to your project to ensure the quality of the intervention.


Phase 3: Project management

Deltrian accompanies you from the definition of your needs and, if you wish, well beyond the installation of your lamps. Join our premium after-sales service which offers you many advantages.


Phase 4: Financing

To allow you to spend public resources wisely, we also offer financing solutions adapted to the budget of your municipality.

Good lighting

Why invest in good public lighting?


Deltrian's flagship range: the DL97 Downlight

Discover Deltrian's flagship range: the energy-efficient DL97 downlight with a 5-year warranty. The ideal lighting solution for your offices.

Economic and social challenges at the level of your territorial community

Public lighting is at the heart of many public and collective issues. On the one hand, the financing of the network depends on local contributions and tax levies. Consequently, the quality-price ratio of the light sources must be optimal. On the other hand, faced with the climate emergency, more and more citizens attach importance to social considerations, energy efficiency and political eco-responsibility.

Deltrian's flagship range: the DL97 Downlight

Discover Deltrian's flagship range: the Downlight DL97

It is therefore important that money goes to projects in favor of a more eco-responsible and greener path. Thanks to the LED lighting offered by Deltrian, you are guaranteed that your public lighting has a limited impact on the environment, thanks to low consumption. In addition, we offer you public lighting solutions adapted to nocturnal biodiversity that does not disturb the balance of constantly evolving fauna and flora.


Economic and ecological public lighting

Because managing a municipality means managing its inhabitants and their environment.

Thanks to Deltrian’s public lighting products, you can save on energy bills. These savings should allow you to allocate budgets to other areas of public spending. In addition, our lighting solutions offer high durability and reduced maintenance costs. Discover our Floodlight and Street Light categories that can adapt to your needs.

  • Reduced usage and maintenance costs
  • Reduced electricity bill for the community
  • Long service life for a long-term project

Deltrian public lighting products

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The Streetlight DELUNICO ST33 is a quick, versatile and high-performance public lighting solution from 30w to 200w.


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