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Our Panel range.

Diffuse lighting is used to create a soothing atmosphere indoors. While it can be obtained with indirect lighting, it is also possible to generate this soft light with the help of LED panels. Light panels can serve as both lighting and decorative accessories. Discover our Panel range as well as the characteristics of our products.

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Illustration A5


If you want adjustable, lightweight lighting that can be customized in size and power, the Panel A5 is perfect for you.

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LED panels: the choice of diffuse light

Get a soft and comfortable eye-friendly atmosphere with the lighting in our Panel range.

Available in different color temperatures, the LED panels in the Panel range allow for a multitude of atmospheres to be created. The light they produce provides occupants of hotels, restaurants, and workspaces with pleasant light, without the risk of glare.

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Services to help you with your projects

Deltrian is committed to supporting all of its customers until the end of their project. We offer lighting solutions tailored to the needs of your workspace.


Studies and advice

With the help of a technical audit and our expertise in the field of LED lighting, we are able to offer you lighting fixtures adapted to your premises. We help you achieve considerable energy savings.

Product placement

While installing your equipment, our team is at your service to give you advice on the use of Panel lighting. Our services also include maintenance and repair of equipment as needed.

Management and financing

To help you finance your project more easily, we offer various payment solutions. Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more!