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Our Floodlight range.

Good outdoor lighting around a home, public building, or business contributes to enhancing security and reassuring those who are present. Motion-detection floodlights are among the most suitable types of lighting for these environments. We invite you to discover our range of LED Floodlight floodlights designed to withstand outdoor conditions for a long time.

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With a lifespan of nearly 50,000 hours, the DELFAR FLOODLIGHT is perfect for large outdoor lighting spaces.

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Lighting adapted to outdoor conditions

For lighting car parks, billboards, and facades, choose our Floodlight range.

Designed for outdoor applications, the Floodlight range floodlights are designed to withstand weather conditions and temperature changes for a long time. The light they emit optimally illuminates facades, panels, outdoor areas, and gardens.

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Services to help you in realizing your projects

To improve the customer experience and the daily life of your staff, it is essential to opt for suitable lighting. Deltrian helps you with personalized support and advice on the choice of your lighting equipment.


Studies and advice

Thanks to our expertise, we take into account your needs and the constraints related to the area you want to illuminate so that you can enjoy reliable and high-performing lighting.

Product placement

The installation of your luminaires is carried out by us. We carry out the assembly of the equipment and their commissioning, taking into account the technical constraints present on the premises.

Management and financing

In addition to the installation of your equipment, we also manage the repair and maintenance of your luminaires as needed. To finance your project, we offer you various solutions. Contact us to learn more!