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66 ALU


Hermetically sealed frame

Application domains

  • It is designed for general lighting applications in parking lots, tunnels, corridors, galleries, railways, buses, metro stations, warehouses, factories, etc.
  • It is widely used for airports, exhibition halls, supermarkets, and gas stations.


  • The aluminum body can withstand high ambient temperatures (65°)

  • Aluminum recycler


  • Power W

    20W / 30W / 40W / 50W / 60W

  • Température °K

    3000°K / 4000°K / 5000°K / 6000°K

  • Efficiency Lm/W

    130 lm/W / 160 lm/W

  • Angle °


  • Dimensions cm

    60 cm / 120 cm / 150 cm / 240 cm / 300 cm

  • General Characteristics

    • Long lifespan of 70,000 hours

    • Efficiency up to 100~120lm/w or 125~145lm/w

    • Through-wiring

    • Quick connectors (without tools)

    • Frosted cover

    • Customizable power

    • Resistant to corrosive atmosphere

    • Unique design: Mitsubishi PC cover, aluminum housing, aluminum PCB

    • LED source protected by a global patent

    • Capable of non-gradation, 0~10V dimming, DALI, Sensor

    • Available in lateral connection, rear connection, plug-and-play connection, self-wired connection.

    • Waterproof: IP66

    • Shock protection: IK10

    • 5-year warranty

    Available versions

    • Dali

    • Emergency

    • Custom length

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