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Outdoor or sports floodlight

Application domains

  • It is designed for general lighting applications in parking lots, outdoor sports, plazas, stadiums, etc.
  • It is widely used for recreational sports (tennis courts, basketball courts…) or exhibition centers.


  • Replacing a 1500W HID luminaire with a 600W Delfar luminaire.

  • Excellent solution for outdoor sports lighting combining functionality and design.

  • Remote driver support.

  • Low output current

  • Drivers can be installed separately from the housing for easier maintenance.

  • Triple surface treatment

  • Combination of cold galvanizing with electrophoresis and powder coating.

  • The devices resist harsh environments with many reliability tests (wind force test, 3G vibration test, thermal test, IK test, IP test, drop test, load test, UV test, salt spray test, high and low temperature corrosion resistance test).


  • Power W

    450W / 600W

  • Temperature °K

    3000°K / 4000°K / 5000°K

  • Lumens Lm

    72000 lm / 96000 lm

  • Efficiency Lm/W

    160 lm/W

  • Angle °

    15° / 30° / 60° /90° / 120°

  • Dimensions cm

    diam 633 x 467 cm

  • General Characteristics

    • Long lifespan of 50,000 hours

    • Standard 0-10V variable

    • Cold forging technology

    • We use cold forging technology with pure aluminum, which contributes to excellent heat dissipation, reduced size, and lighter weight.

    • Operating temperature: -30°C to +50°C

    • Power: 450W, 600W

    • Aluminum visor

    • The reflector improves the direction of the lighting, reducing costs and providing a better living environment for citizens.

    • With or without visor

    Available versions

    • Dali

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