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Our selection of air and surface sanitation products.

Whether it's sterilizing surfaces, purifying indoor air in your premises, or providing virucidal protection for your employees, we have the solution you need.

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Air purifiers

Quickly benefit from pure and healthy indoor air in your professional environment!

Our added value

The benefits of our products

Optimal effectiveness with powerful cleaning solutions

Choose from antibacterial and virucidal disinfectant gels and sprays for all types of surfaces. Our products are locally manufactured.

Constant monitoring of indoor air quality

At any time, monitor the quality of your ambient air! Temperature, humidity levels, but especially CO2 and even fine particles… In a snap, monitor the air you breathe.

Adjustable and scalable filtering devices

Limit the spread of viruses and opt for our silicone masks! Comfortable, adaptable, sterilizable, they can be combined with a filter cell to become a medical device.

Practical and easy-to-install solutions

Quickly enjoy incomparable air quality with our lightweight air purifier filters. You can easily install and move them as often as you want.

High performance with minimal carbon footprint

With our eco-friendly and energy-efficient products, you benefit from purified air. Regulate CO2 levels with optimal and easily controllable technology.

The most advanced technologies for sterilizing spaces

Adopt Short Wave Ultraviolet technology (UVC) to alter the DNA of viruses, bacteria, and other molds by more than 99%. The most efficient and eco-friendly technology is within your reach!

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