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What is an FFU (Filter Fan Unit)?

An FFU, or Filter Fan Unit, is an air treatment solution used in indoor spaces requiring excellent air quality.

Published on 07.11.2023


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FFU: Definition


FFU: How it works


FFU: Advantages


FFU: Why use it?

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FFU: What is it?

A dedicated cleanroom equipment

An FFU, or motorized fan filter unit, is a flexible and cost-effective solution for treating air in cleanrooms and white rooms.

A cleanroom is characterized by its high level of cleanliness, which is guaranteed at all times.

In practical terms, an FFU consists of three elements:

  • A HEPA filter (a high-efficiency particulate air filter),
  • A fan,
  • A control system.

This type of equipment delivers purified air and reduces the risk of contamination in many cleanroom applications directly from their ceiling: laboratories, food processing, microelectronics, etc.

FFU: How does it work?

How does an FFU work?

The filtration unit draws in air from the environment that needs to be purified and then releases filtered air according to the desired quality.

The resulting air from this filtration is free from any particles that could harm the activities taking place in the cleanroom:

  • Dust,
  • Bacteria,
  • Aerosols,
  • Germs,
  • Pollen,
  • Etc.
The advantages of an FFU

What are the advantages of an FFU?

An FFU significantly contributes to increasing the purity of the air in a workspace.

Beyond this essential aspect, especially in cleanrooms, a filtration unit has many advantages.

Firstly, its filtration system can be easily replaced. It operates extremely quietly, and its integration is not cumbersome. Moreover, it works with high-performance filters and offers a very reasonable quality-to-price ratio.

Reasons to use an FFU

Why use an FFU?

The main reason to use an FFU is simple: this equipment enhances safety during the manufacturing of sensitive products in a laboratory or cleanroom.
This filtration unit ensures absolute air purity, continuously.
Additionally, the FFU can adapt to the needs of its users, who can control the system and coordinate the general conditions they require in their cleanroom.

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Cedric Deschamps's picture

Cedric Deschamps

Commercial Director Belgium / Luxembourg

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