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COVID-19. Bounce back, innovate and adapt!

For over 55 years, Deltrian has been manufacturing air filters that improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Published on 26.03.2020

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Be an agent of change management


Locally produce FFP surgical masks


Word from the CCO

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Jean Kalyvas

Chief Information and Marketing Officer

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Thanks to the work and dedication of our teams, we provide the best filters to our customers. Our air filters are able to filter the smallest particles of polluted air and help to provide clean air.

Be a leading player in driving change

We aspire, in our industry, to be a leading player, to drive change, to innovate and of course to grow. But above all, we want to achieve this goal by making responsible choices and making decisions that take into account not only current data, but also their potential impact on tomorrow.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been shocked and taken aback to know that our hospitals, doctors, nurses and citizens are running out of stock as the fight to contain the virus is tough and just beginning. . We have decided to get personally involved to offer a concrete, fast and lasting solution for the manufacture and supply of quality surgical masks.

Support the industrial project of the Walloon Region to locally produce FFP surgical masks

Deltrian has, as such, applied to support the industrial project of the Walloon Region aimed at encouraging the local production of FFP surgical masks, because today we must think about the after “Coronavirus” and be capable of resilience.

Our DNA as a producer of quality filters, the hard work and ambition of the teams in the Walloon Region, who work tirelessly as well as the seriousness of the industrial project, motivate us to respond.

Deltrian can rely on its experience as a filter producer, on the motivation of all its teams, to be able to manufacture millions of respiratory masks very quickly on Fleurus and thus help the community, our hospitals and our customers in the crisis we are experiencing. .

Bounce back, innovate and adapt, these are the strengths of our teams.

"I myself suffer from chronic asthma, the risks of complications from this virus affect me all the more. Deltrian and the Walloon Government will do their utmost to compensate for the current lack facing the medical world. It is time for solidarity, it is only together that we will succeed in stemming the spread of the virus."

Jürgen Alexius, CCO

Jean Kalyvas's picture

Jean Kalyvas

Chief Information and Marketing Officer

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