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Air pollution doesn't just attack our lungs.

It can also make us less intelligent and decrease our ability to make good decisions.

Published on 12.04.2023


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Did you know?

According to a study cited by the World Economic Forum, air pollution is likely to have a negative impact on our cognitive performance. To reach this conclusion, researchers analyzed 121 professional chess players and more than 30,000 moves made during three different tournaments over three years.

The results of the analysis are striking

The increase in the presence of PM2.5 (fine particles with a diameter of less than or equal to 2.5 μm) in the air significantly decreases players’ performance.

This pollution effect manifested itself in several ways, which were very concretely observable:

  • Players made more mistakes.
  • Players were more likely to make a significant error.
  • The quality of players’ decisions and judgments decreased.
  • Performance under time constraints also decreased.

"More and more studies show that air pollution has a cost, and this cost concerns more and more people."

Juan Palacios, co-author of the study and member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This may seem trivial because we are talking about chess players, but it is not.

Indeed, if these players are negatively impacted by pollution, then your teams are too. Many companies expect their workers to be able to make wise choices, even under pressure and time constraints. But to do so, the quality of the air they breathe plays a leading role.

As evidenced by the results of this study, indoor air quality is critical to making strategic decisions, as well as a critical factor for the survival of a company operating in a competitive environment.

Therefore, if you want to improve your performance, make sure to improve the air quality you breathe.

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Jean Kalyvas's picture

Jean Kalyvas

Chief Information and Marketing Officer

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