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Increase Productivity with Deltrian Air Purifiers

Quickly obtain cleaner air in your work environment. With the MIA Air filters offered by Deltrian, eliminate viruses such as COVID-19 and breathe healthier air.

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Elimination of Microorganisms

In enclosed spaces such as offices, germs (viruses, bacteria, molds) tend to spread rapidly. This is the case with epidemics such as COVID-19, the flu, or gastroenteritis. Thanks to the MIA Air purifiers offered by Deltrian, you protect your company's staff by limiting the risks of contamination.


Protection against Polluting and Harmful Agents

Collective workspaces such as open spaces and offices are often located in industrial or commercial areas with heavy traffic. Urban pollution, fine particles emitted by traffic, and atmospheric emissions from neighboring companies can contaminate the indoor air of your company. The filters contained in our purifiers capture these micropollutants.


Preserve the Health of Your Staff

Your work environment can be polluted by dust and particles generated in production workshops. Other sources of internal pollution can contaminate offices: dust from maintenance or construction work, chemical vapors generated by cleaning products. Air purifiers contribute significantly to improving your employees' working conditions.

Our Added Value

Why is it important to purify the air in your work environment?

A Healthier Workspace

We ensure that we offer solutions to eliminate dust and fine particles present in the air.

Increased Productivity

Clean and healthy air reduces the risk of illnesses. Fewer sick days lead to better performance!

Reassured Collaborators

Offer your company personnel a clean and safe working environment for their well-being.

Less Respiratory Problems

Air purifiers absorb pollen, dust, and germs responsible for various allergies.

Air Renewal

Air purifiers offer you the possibility to effectively fight against indoor pollution.

Additional Comfort

Purified air offers greater oxygenation, limits odors, and prevents certain diseases.

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Mia Air Tower 2 | Deltrian Protective

Mia Air Tower

Discover our Mia Air Tower air purifier, capable of treating a large volume of air and trapping 99.9995% of ultrafine particles.

Air purifiers

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Air Purification

Better Indoor Air Quality


Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Discover the complete solution that Deltrian offers you for disinfecting your premises: dry misting.

Offer your staff clean and healthy indoor air

Offices, break rooms, and meeting rooms are enclosed spaces that can accommodate several people. These places often have poor air circulation. Over time, this confined air becomes loaded with particles and microorganisms, which is inevitable. Poor indoor air quality leads to various health problems. It is common to experience symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and headaches.

Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

During epidemics, viruses and bacteria proliferate in such environments, and contamination is frequent. The number of sick days and absenteeism rates increase, with a negative impact on production. Air purifiers for offices and meeting rooms counter these various problems by providing your staff with healthy workspaces. Our equipment quickly eliminates viruses, bacteria, molds, and unwanted fine particles (dust, mites, pollen, smoke, odors).

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Towards Improved Productivity

Concentrated and motivated teams.

The MIA Air purifiers offered by Deltrian quickly provide clean indoor air, without harmful particles or germs. Teams working in healthy offices are much more efficient in their work. Purified air preserves the well-being and concentration of personnel. This allows you to increase productivity, and by extension, your turnover.

  • Concentrated and motivated teams.
  • A healthy and pleasant work environment.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity.

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