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Air purifiers for the medical environment.

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Fight against the spread of diseases!

In the medical sector, protecting patients and healthcare staff is essential. By using MIA Air purifiers offered by Deltrian, you quickly benefit from a clean and healthy work environment.

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Hospitals and clinics

The hospital environment is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. The use of appropriate air purifiers helps to participate in the fight against nosocomial diseases and cross-contamination.


Medical offices

Medical offices, waiting rooms, and other medical facilities must be free of dangerous microorganisms. We offer effective sanitation solutions to doctors, dentists, and other related professionals.



To ensure that laboratory analyses are performed under optimal conditions and that staff members are protected, we offer high-performance equipment to capture fine particles and microorganisms.

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Why is it essential to preserve indoor air quality?

Perfectly clean premises

Air purifiers can effectively trap dust, dander, and hair.

A healthy and safe work environment

99.9% of particles are trapped thanks to state-of-the-art technologies integrated into our equipment.

Protected patients and visitors

Our air purifiers for hospitals help fight against diseases and infections.

Elimination of odors

Air purifiers can capture the chemical compounds responsible for bad odors.

Air renewal

Air purifiers offer an effective way to combat indoor pollution.

Additional comfort

Purified air offers greater oxygenation, limits odors, and prevents a number of diseases.

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Our range of MIA air purifiers

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DeltriNox Premium Mask

DeltriNox is Deltrian's premium sterilizable and durable mask. It guarantees you comfort and safety, eliminates viruses and bacteria.


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Air purification

Protected medical establishments


Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Discover the complete solution that Deltrian offers you for disinfecting your premises: dry misting.

Offer your patients and staff clean premises to preserve their health.

Medical facilities are places where the risk of contamination and spread of diseases is highest. Whether it is for patients undergoing treatment, visitors or staff of the establishment, it is essential to follow strict protocols in terms of health and safety. For several years, particularly following the Covid-19 pandemic, numerous health measures have been put in place to combat infections inherent in the medical environment.

Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

The indoor air quality is one of the most important elements to monitor, because many pathogenic germs are spread by air. The case of nosocomial diseases is particularly sensitive, because the germs responsible for them can develop a strong resistance to treatment. It is therefore essential to prevent this type of infection by quickly neutralizing the microorganisms present in the medical environment. Purifying the air and surfaces can eliminate these viruses, bacteria and molds that can affect the health of the occupants of these establishments.

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The importance of air purifiers

Protect indoor spaces and their occupants, prevent health risks, and improve their daily well-being.

The MIA Air air purifiers offered by Deltrian allow not only neutralize micro-organisms that are dangerous to health, but they also contribute to improve the hygiene and comfort of the premises. Our equipment removes dust, dander, hair and hair, micro-organisms, dust mites, pollen. In the medical environment, our devices also filter odors and chemicals such as anesthetic gases.

  • Compliance with health rules.
  • Occupant well-being and comfort.
  • Less maintenance costs.

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Order the Mia Air to purify your medical office

Deltrian offers different MIA Air purifiers: choose the ones that meet your needs and validate your order to receive your new devices quickly. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

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