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Our air purifiers for your home

Deltrian offers an innovative range of devices to filter the air in your house or apartment. The technology in our MIA Air filters removes indoor air of dust and microorganisms.

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Ensure your comfort by installing a high-performance air purifier


Dust filtration

Even if the inside of homes may seem clean and healthy, dust is not always visible. Textile fibers and debris generated by indoor activities produce dust that pollutes the ambient air. Our air purifiers have low porosity filters that trap fine dust particles suspended in the air. This technology allows you to breathe better every day.


Pollen, mites, and pet hair retention

Indoor air in a confined space is not necessarily renewed daily. Many fine particles of plant or animal origin settle in homes throughout the year. Pets also produce dust when they shed. Our air purifiers for homes or apartments filter out all of these unwanted particles.


Ambient air purification

In a home, many chemical compounds can concentrate in the air. These include bad odors due to humidity or food. Paints and various interior work can also release chemical fumes that are harmful to health. In a few hours, our air purifiers eliminate these harmful substances from your environment, and you regain clean and odorless air!

Our added value

The benefits of our air purifiers for your well-being at home

A cleaner indoor space

Thanks to an optimized suction and ventilation system, the air purifier purifies your interior.

Reduced allergic problems

Molds, mites, microbes, dust, and bad odors: everything is filtered!

Pets' hair and dander eliminated

Our air purifiers retain pet hair, dander, and even human hair.

A simple and modern design

Our air purifier lamps and equipment match all types of interior decorations.

Air renewal

Air purifiers offer you the opportunity to effectively fight indoor pollution.

Additional comfort

Purified air offers greater oxygenation, limits odors, and prevents a number of diseases.

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Our range of MIA air purifiers

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Filtres - Mia Air Compact | Deltrian Protective

Kit of Filters for Mia Air Compact

Eliminate 99.98% of microorganisms in the first hour with our Mia Air Compact HEPA H13 air filters.

Air Purification Filters

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Air purification

Benefits of air purifiers for home


Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Discover the complete solution that Deltrian offers you for disinfecting your premises: dry misting.

Products suitable for domestic use

Designed with lightweight materials, the air purifier MIA Air offered by Deltrian is easy to move. Space-saving, you can easily change its location to purify your entire home. Enjoy the performance of your device in your kitchen, living room, bedrooms or even in your bathroom! The compact dimensions of the air purifiers make them convenient to store.

Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Once your parts are cleaned and rid of dust, you don’t waste time cleaning or uninstalling your device. No specific maintenance is required other than checking the condition of the filter. To ensure optimal operation of the air purifier for your home, you can occasionally check the cleanliness of the suction grille. If you notice a decrease in performance of your device, it may be time to replace its filters.

Our purifiers

Innovative filtration technology

A combination of powerful filters to retain most microorganisms and fine particles

Deltrian’s MIA Air purifiers use different filtration technologies to provide you with clean and healthy indoor air. The activated carbon filters absorb volatile chemicals, such as compounds responsible for bad odors and chemical vapors. The HEPA filters are designed to capture fine particles: dust, microorganisms, mites, pollen, hair, and animal fur. HEPA H13 filters can retain up to 99.95% of particles, while HEPA H14 filters can trap up to 99.99% of them.

  • Optimal filtration of dust, allergens, and microorganisms.
  • Easily replaceable filters for maintaining performance.
  • Different filtration levels depending on your needs.

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