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Air purifiers for hotels, cafes, and restaurants.

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Take care of your customers and employees!

Create a healthy and pleasant environment in your establishment with air purifiers from Deltrian. Preserve the well-being of your clientele and personnel with air free of dust and pathogens.

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Ensure your comfort by installing a high-performance air purifier.



Hotels have several enclosed spaces: reception hall, corridors, rooms. To avoid any health problems in this type of establishment, especially in the rooms, it is necessary to maintain excellent indoor air quality. At Deltrian, we provide you with equipment adapted to protect the health of your customers and personnel.



Restaurants are places where people are in close proximity. The risk of virus, bacteria, and other pathogenic germs spreading is therefore particularly high. If these spaces are too confined, the ambient air can become uncomfortable for the occupants of the establishment. Air purifiers improve air quality and contribute to the well-being and comfort of everyone.


Bars, cafes, and nightclubs

Once again, these are enclosed spaces where conviviality and exchanges are very present. Dust, fine particles, and pathogens can quickly pollute the air if bad conditions are met. Thanks to air purifiers, you keep your establishments clean, healthy, and pleasant for your employees and customers.

Our added value

Why choose our air purifiers?

More pleasant places

Offer an excellent experience to your customers by providing them with a clean interior without odors or dust.

Clean and healthy spaces

Disinfect your indoor spaces and quickly eliminate viruses such as Covid-19 and bacteria.

Fewer allergens

Air purifiers for restaurants and hotels retain allergen particles such as pollen.

A reassuring and secure environment

Offer your customers a reassuring setting with effective and recognized health measures.

Air renewal

Air purifiers offer you the possibility of effectively combating indoor pollution.

Additional comfort

Purified air offers greater oxygenation, limits odors, and prevents certain diseases.

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Our range of MIA air purifiers

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Deltri Pure 1 | Deltrian Protective


Discover our Deltripure air purifier for professionals designed to renew the air in large spaces.

Air purifiers

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Air purification

Purifying the air to protect


Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Discover the complete solution that Deltrian offers you for disinfecting your premises: dry misting.

Reassure your customers with our air purifiers

The restaurant, bar, and nightclub sectors have been particularly affected by the consequences of Covid-19, especially in terms of closures imposed by the government at the height of the epidemic. To reassure your current and future customers, it is essential to offer them a pleasant and clean environment.

Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

Do you suspect contamination? We have a solution!

With the use of our air purifiers, you considerably improve the air quality of your establishment. These equipment filter the entire volume of air and eliminate the elements likely to generate discomfort, allergies or illnesses. Thanks to this system, you meet the expectations of your customers while reassuring them. This contributes to the improvement of the image of your company.

Illustration testimonial 0

Frederick Da Soghe

President of the Nightlife Sector and Vice-President of the Horeca Federation

"I think that if there is one watchword to give to the sector, it is to take the analyses, and to trust companies such as Deltrian. In any case, I trusted them, and I am happy with it."

Illustration testimonial 1

Laurence Rigolet Wynants

Director of Comme chez Soi

"I must say that the help I received from Deltrian is up to what we're trying to do for our customers too."

Illustration testimonial 2

Laura Cornil

Director of Wolf

"Wolf decided to invest in air purifiers because it was essential for the safety of our customers."

Illustration testimonial 3

Thierry Goor

Founder of Wolf

"The solution with Deltrian came quite naturally, insofar as, with the 7 filters we have today at Wolf, we manage to renew the air entirely in 14 minutes, which I think makes it an exceptional place, and a place that is completely CovidSafe."

Illustration testimonial 4

Jean-Louis Hennart

Manager of L'Archiduc

"The customers didn't notice it too much since the installation is as discreet as possible."

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Illustration testimonial 1
Illustration testimonial 2
Illustration testimonial 3
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Our purifiers

The assurance of clean air

Gain the trust of your customers and personnel!

The MIA Air equipment offered by Deltrian have many advantages . Thanks to the various filtration technologies present in the devices, you quickly obtain a healthy interior environment and devoid of undesirable micro-organisms. You thus offer your customers a reassuring and soothing experience during their presence in your establishment.

  • Ease and simplicity of use.
  • Live visualization of your IAQ.
  • Customizable settings.

Our air quality experts answer your questions.


Order Mia Air to purify your establishment

The MIA Air purifiers offered by Deltrian allow you to remove remove dust and pathogens quickly to protect the health of your customers and staff. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

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