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Our range of air purifiers with filters.

Filtration is an effective process for capturing fine particles and microorganisms present in indoor air. At Deltrian, we offer a range of air purifiers equipped with filters to purify the air in your home, workplace, or various public spaces. Several filter models are available to trap different types of particles.

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Illustration Filters for Mia Air Tower

Filters for Mia Air Tower

Eliminate 99.9995% of fine particles in seconds with our ULPA air filters for Mia Air Tower.

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The importance of filters to purify indoor air

Activated carbon, HEPA H13 or H14: each type of filter has a specific role in purifying the air.

The activated carbon filter absorbs various chemical compounds responsible for bad odors. It is also effective in capturing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). HEPA H14 filters, used in the Mia Air, are useful for filtering fine particles such as dust, smoke, and microorganisms.

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Services to help you with your projects

To offer you filtration devices adapted to your needs, we take the time to study your project. Our teams accompany you from the choice of products to the installation of air purifiers!


Studies and advice

Each filter model is designed to retain specific particles of varying sizes. Through on-site measurements, we quickly determine which sanitation solution is most effective for your premises.

Product placement

Once your project is clearly defined, we organize the delivery and installation of your air purifiers. Our teams provide you with valuable advice on the use and maintenance of your new equipment.

Management and financing

After installation, we remain available as technical support for the monitoring and maintenance of your devices. Several solutions are available to finance your project. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more!