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Our range of air sanitizers with UVC technology.

Establishments and buildings that accommodate the public must comply with different health regulations. To destroy bacteria, viruses and various pathogenic germs, there is a very effective technology: the use of short-wave ultraviolet (UVC) rays. Deltrian provides this technology to disinfect your environment permanently.
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UVC - DeltriAir 2 | Deltrian Protective


Equipped with a motion sensor, DeltriAir eliminates viruses, bacteria, and mold from a volume of 180m² in 1 hour.

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UVC technology, an ecological disinfection process

Devices equipped with UVC technology operate without using chemicals.

UVC lamps emit short-wave ultraviolet rays, with a wavelength between 200 and 300 nm. This energetic radiation is capable of damaging the DNA, RNA and proteins of microorganisms to render them inactive.

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Services to help you with your projects

By choosing Deltrian products to sanitize your premises, you opt for an all-inclusive service! After studying your project, we organize the delivery of your equipment, their installation and commissioning.


Studies and advice

To help you choose the most suitable device for your situation, we take the time to assess your needs. To do this, we can visit your premises to better understand the specifics of your environment.

Product placement

Thanks to our fast delivery service, the products you have ordered are delivered to you in 5 days. We also have the possibility to intervene on site to proceed with the commissioning of your equipment.

Management and financing

Our teams remain available to help and advise you on the use of your UVC lamps. For the implementation and financing of your project, we are able to offer you different solutions.