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UVC - DeltriOtt 1 | Deltrian Protective
UVC - DeltriOtt 1 | Deltrian Protective
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Don't be caught off guard by poor air quality.

Application areas

UVC technology (Short-wave ultraviolet), the eco-friendly and 99% effective solution to get rid of viruses!

Looking for how to sterilize the ambient air and surfaces in your establishment, receive with peace of mind and give total confidence to your customers? You found the solution: DeltriOtt.

General Characteristics

  • Effective in air, on surfaces and objects

  • Eco-friendly: does not require the use of chemical products

  • Damages DNA by 99.90%

  • Effective against viruses, bacteria, and mold

  • Use: hotel, restaurant, school, store, event room, sports center, workshop, showroom, etc.

  • Usage Properties:

  • Usage time: 1h

  • Space volume: 200m2

  • Human presence prohibited.

  • The DeltriOtt is equipped with a presence detector.

  • Remote control included.

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Advantages of DeltriOtt's UVC technology

Short-wave Ultraviolet

This technology damages the DNA of bacteria and viruses. It is the most effective and eco-friendly disinfection technology known to date to sterilize spaces.

DNA destroyed by 99.99%

The DNA of bacteria, viruses, and mold is altered to the point of rendering them harmless.

Action zone

The DeltriLizer is effective in the air.

Application areas

Use by industry

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Apartments, Home

Dépolluez l'intérieur de votre maison ou de votre appartement.

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