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Mia Air Lamp

Mia Air Lamp - Beige | Deltrian Protective
Mia Air Lamp - Beige | Deltrian Protective
Mia Air Lamp - Black | Deltrian Protective
Mia Air Lamp - App | Deltrian Protective
Mia Air Lamp | Deltrian Protective

Discover our Mia Air Lamp air purifier designed to purify the air in a room while illuminating the space.

Application areas

The combination of lighting and air purification in one product

The quality of indoor air contains 10 times more polluted particles than outside! Yet, we spend 90% of our time in our homes or workplaces. That is why the Mia Air Lamp was designed. Its objective is to purify the air in a room while illuminating the space.

The Mia Air Lamp system operates on an ingenious air filtration principle that purifies the environment while providing interior surface lighting. It effectively treats dust, particles, or strong odors. Mobile, this lamp is easily installed in living spaces, at home or in the workplace. It purifies the air in hospitals, schools and nurseries, as well as all public places. Equipped with several high-performance filters, this purifier treats polluted environments to provide healthier air. Its stylish lamp perfectly illuminates the room by providing quality brightness.

General Characteristics

  • Designed with environmental sensitivity in mind

  • Improves air quality

  • Dimensions : 58x58x158 cm - 16/18 kg

  • Energy consumption: 25 - 105W

  • Sound volume: <60 dB (A)

  • Air volume: 60 - 450 m3/h

  • Air intake: 360° around the device

  • G4 pre-filter - 500g activated carbon filter - HEPA H14 filter

  • Light color: warm white (3000K)

  • Light intensity: 2500 lumen (LED 23W)

  • Control with mobile application or remote control

  • Available in Anthracite or Cream

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Take advantage of the Mia Air Lamp

Easy installation

Lightweight, the Mia Air Lamp easily moves to the places of your choice to purify the air on demand.

Air quality

Its advanced filtration system ensures better air quality for people’s safety.

Environmentally sensitive

The Mia Air Lamp consumes little energy, which allows you to control your bills and your carbon footprint.

Effective against fine particles

The purifying lamp ensures the elimination of many fine particles such as pollen or chemical vapors.

HEPA H14 filters

HEPA H14 filters trap harmful particles in just a few seconds to provide 99.99% pure air.

Remote control

The 5 modes of the Mia Air Lamp device are easily controlled via a remote control or your remote application.

Application areas

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Pet Grooming Salon

Our air purifiers designed to effectively eliminate pet hair and dander

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