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Deltri Pure 2 | Deltrian Protective
Deltri Pure 2 | Deltrian Protective
Deltri Pure 1 | Deltrian Protective

Your air is under control with Deltripure

Application areas

Eliminating indoor air pollution is a real challenge with increasingly high levels of suspended particles. With air 10 times more polluted indoors than outdoors, it is essential to ensure the safety of people in enclosed spaces. The solution? Install a DeltriPure air purifier, capable of purifying the air using approved filtration technology. Designed to purify the air through high-performance filters, the DeltriPure knows how to blend in at home or in a professional environment. You have an effective way to take care of the health of your loved ones, employees or the public who frequent your establishment.

General Characteristics

  • Ideal for spaces up to 150m²

  • Recommended air renewal = 5x/h

  • Noise level ± 37 decibels (equivalent to a computer)

  • Constant air flow

  • Possible boost function

  • Automatic monitoring of filter clogging

  • Plug & play solution for better air filtration.

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The advantages of Deltripure

Ultra-silent device

Very discreet thanks to internal silencers and acoustic insulation for easy use in all environments.

Two levels of filtration

The pre-filter combined with the HEPA filter removes particles from the air to obtain a healthy and purified atmosphere.

Easy transport and installation

The DeltriPure air purifier is easily installed in the space of your choice thanks to its quick handling and moderate weight.

CO² level control

Possibility of evolution into a ventilation unit connected to the outside to bring in fresh air and regulate the CO² level in your space.

Easy to use

The DeltriPure air purifier quickly connects in plug and play for quick use.

Low energy consumption

The DeltriPure system is designed to limit energy consumption according to the processing power used.

Application areas

Use by industry

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Offices and Meeting Rooms

Our solutions to purify your professional premises.

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