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Mia Air Tower

Mia Air Tower 1 | Deltrian Protective
Mia Air Tower 1 | Deltrian Protective
Mia Air Tower 2 | Deltrian Protective

Cleaner air for large spaces

Application areas

Deltrian offers the Mia Air Tower system, one of the latest revolutions in air filtration. Its concept? Trapping 99.9995% of ultrafine particles in the air and delivering clean and fresh air. This air purification device treats a large volume of air as it can cover a room of 300 m2 with a filtration surface of 27 m2.

Its ULPA filtration technology ensures precise treatment of extremely fine particles. Thanks to the power of air suction, purified air is restored in just a few seconds.

General Characteristics

  • Flow rate of 2500 m3/h (2000 with activated carbon)

  • Effective coverage of the room up to 300 m2 (ceiling height of 2.5m)

  • Managed via mobile application / WI-FI

  • 4.3-inch touch LCD control panel

  • Sensors: PM, VOC, T, RH, CO²

  • 6 ventilation speeds

  • 5 different automatic modes

  • MPPS efficiency ≥99.9995%

  • 27 m2 filtration surface, ULPA 15

  • 2.2 m² pre-filtration surface, G4

  • 254 nm UV protection 2 x 8 W UVC Bulb

  • 254 nm UV protection (optional) 2 x 36 W UVC Bulb

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Advantages of Mia Air Tower

Better air quality

The Mia Air Tower offers superior air quality, which improves your quality of life.

Environmentally friendly

With a minimal carbon footprint, the Mia Air Tower is energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Effective against fine particles

Pollen, allergens, cigarette odor, animal dander, microorganisms, dust, chemical vapors, …

Remote control

The air purification system can be remotely managed with the Mia Air remote control or mobile app.

Powerful filtration

The Mia Air Tower air purifier covers surfaces up to 300 m2 with its powerful filtration system.

Custom control

Mia Air Tower offers 6 ventilation speeds to adjust the pace of air purification.

Application areas

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Offices and Meeting Rooms

Our solutions to purify your professional premises.

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