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Interparking chooses Deltrian for the LED equipment of its car parks.

Wishing to save energy, Interparking has decided to replace the 58W fluorescent tubes in its car parks with new generation LED lamps. The company entrusted the execution of the work to Deltrian.

Published on 29.09.2022

Parking Lighting

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Identification of lighting needs


Deltrian's analysis


The choice of TUBE HIGHPRO 5 LED lamps


Benefits received after work

"Since the installation of Highpro tubes by Deltrian, we have achieved an overall saving of 25% on the total energy consumption of our car parks."


Identification of lighting needs

Interparking’s request was clear, to change the fluorescent neon lights of its car parks to less energy-consuming and more reliable LED lights. In addition to the financial gain in use, the car park manager wanted to improve the user experience. We therefore had to offer in our offer a durable, economical solution that diffused a pleasant and reassuring lighting atmosphere.

Deltrian's analysis

Interparking’s needs having been identified, we had to find a model of LED lights that could meet all of the customer’s needs.

A sustainable lighting solution

The fluorescent tubes present in the car parks required regular interventions by the technical teams of Interparking but also by external service providers. The choice of a quality LED solution has made it possible to considerably reduce interventions and therefore maintenance costs.

Energy efficient lamps

Lighting is the biggest cost item in a car park. One of the most effective ways to reduce the energy bill and at the same time CO2 emissions is to replace 58W fluorescent tubes with 25W LEDs.

A soft and reassuring light

The brightness in a car park greatly contributes to reinforcing the feeling of security. The choice of lighting that is as close as possible to daylight and the installation of additional LED lamps reassures users.

Deltrian and Interparking

The Interparking purchasing department has launched a call for tenders with several service providers.

Selection of the LED installer

The providers were subjected to technical tests before going further in the selection process.

The choice of Deltrian as LED supplier and installer was made because of:

  • Its flexibility in relation to the needs of Interparking;
  • Its competitive and tailor-made price offer;
  • His ability to take into account the wishes of the client in his preliminary study;
  • Its desire to offer solutions adapted to the constraints of each car park with the sole watchword: excellent value for money.

Deltrian directly delivered a competitive and tailor-made price offer, without entering into negotiations with high prices with extraordinary discounts as others have been able to do. This quickly created a climate of trust that served as the basis for this partnership.

The Deltrian TLM Service

Interparking opted for Deltrian’s TLM service. This is an advanced after-sales service that allows them to obtain:

  • A full omnium guarantee
  • A single customer contact
  • A system for sending electronic tickets in the event of a problem
  • Rapid intervention by the Deltrian teams
The choice of TUBE HIGHPRO 5 LED lamps

After study, the lighting model chosen to equip the Interparking car parks with LEDs was the TUBE HIGHPRO 5.

The characteristics of the HIGHPRO 5 LED tube:

  • Power: 25W
  • Length: 1m50
  • Frame: IP65
Benefits received after work

Work to replace the 700 fluorescent tubes with LEDs was carried out in 2018 (year to be verified – the document says 4 years).

Interparking has observed the following benefits:

  • A return on investment after the first year
  • €35,000 saving on the energy bill in connection with car park lighting
  • €7,000 savings on annual maintenance
  • 85 tonnes less CO2 emitted each year

The products used for this achievement

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Alpha HL

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