Bag filtersSGK – GK

The 2 in 1 solution ! Whenever a pre-filter protects your pocket, you can directly use our “GK” bag filter, No more pre-filter is needed -> savings on pressure drop, lifetime and workforce…

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Filtration for air treatment units and
preparatory filtration in CLEANROOM applications.


  • Control of your filtration costs thanks to the 2 filtration steps in 1
  • Allows the removing of primary filters -> reduces the number of interventions and the waste volume
  • Outstanding dust holding capacity
  • Tested for food contact according to CE 1935/2004

General features

  • Efficiency EN779: F7
  • Media: Synthetic high efficiency (primary filtration) + glassfibre (fine filtration)
  • Final pressure drop: 450 Pa
  • ECO recommended final pressure drop: 250 Pa
  • Maximum T° in continuous service: 70°C
  • Humidity: 100% RH

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