Our 50 years of experience and our commitment to continuous improvement, of our quality and environmental management systems, enable us to:

  • increase the efficiency of our management;
  • involve everyone in the quality and environmental process;
  • encourage working relationships based on mutual respect and trust;
  • develop the spirit of service and performance.

By listening to the needs and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders, as well as acting on our desire to anticipate developments so as to offer the most suitable products and services, our management is committed to:

  • research and development of even more efficient and environmentally friendly products;
  • the observance of legal requirements and the fulfilment of our compliance obligations;
  • job creation and skill development;
  • advancement of and access to technology.

With this mindset of continuous improvement, Deltrian now integrates ISO 26000 standards into its corporate culture. This is reflected in the following actions:

Working relationships and conditions

We always favor job stability through long-term contracts. We ensure the well-being of our employees by providing them with working conditions that comply with legislation and allow a balance between their personal and professional lives. We respect the principles of equal opportunity and equal treatment.

The environment

We adopt measures aimed at preventing pollution, in particular by promoting renewable energies and by practicing a sustainable purchasing policy.

Consumer-related issues

We respect our customers’ privacy and protect their data. We are very attentive to customer complaints and examine them with great importance, while taking measures to avoid these complaints. We supply high-quality products and provide our customers with clear usage instructions.

Communities and local development

We support local initiatives and work in close collaboration with companies for adapted work.


Timothée De Greift



Bernard Medros