ENGIE Selects Deltrian Lighting – The Path to a Luminous Collaboration

3 Jul 17

Already a proud supplier of many years for the ENGIE Group, with its air filtration solutions, Deltrian is now part of the very tight-knit circle of lighting partners for the entire ENGIE Group and its subsidiaries throughout all of Europe.

Deltrian is honored to have been given the opportunity to consolidate its position as a privileged partner and to diversify its offering within the international energy giant. This agreement will deliver both sides a chance to improve their competitiveness in their relative markets.

The product range covers industrial and tertiary indoor lighting, as well as outdoor lighting for buildings, all segments that are serviced comprehensively by Deltrian.

View all of our lighting solutions in our NEW 2017 CATALOGUE.

If you’re located in France and would like more information on our products, or if you care to arrange a meeting, feel free to get in touch with Alain Marragou. Alain is the Commercial Director for Deltrian France and your ideal point of contact when embarking on the LED journey.