Deltrian Norway, a promising future

8 Mar 18

Deltrian International has created a joint venture, Deltrian Norway, with the Norwegian company Mittet.

Reidar Mjelde, on this new adventure: “We have access to the market and sales in Norway, Deltrian on its side brings us its knowledge, its testing laboratories and of course the guarantee of approved and Eurovent certified products “.

The development of the structure is planned for 2018 – 2019, expecting between 5 to 10 people working for Deltrian Norway.

The Sales and Marketing Manager, Arve Øverås, will lead the new organization. The first business meetings will take place this year.

Reijdar Mjelde is confident: “Deltrian International SA is one of the largest manufacturers of ventilation filters in Europe. The company is growing rapidly. Deltrian Norway will develop on the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets.