Molecular filtration Deltrian solutions for healthier air

We live in a world of constant industrialization that has seen air pollution grow with human activity and the world’s population.

There are two types of pollutants in the air: particulate and molecular. They are brought into our bodies with every breath we take. Most of the particles remain trapped in our lung tis-sues, unlike the molecules that pass through our lungs and through our blood, which eventually distribute them to our entire body.

We are all victims of air pollution, which has an adverse impact on our health, depending on our level of exposure (which will depend on our environment, habits and professional activity). Children, the elderly and people already suffering from respiratory and cardiac diseases are more vulnerable to these pollutions.

To help you fight air pollution effectively, we can select the adsorbent (s) for each pollutant or mixture of pollutants that will eliminate them in the most targeted and efficient manner. Deltrian also has a broad range of molecular filters that can accommodate these adsorbents in various forms (powders, aggregates or pellets), which allows us to offer you the most suitable solution for each of your applications.