HVAC Deltrian solutions to the "HVAC" applications

More and more people are concerned about quality of life. Quality of life means also health conditions. The air quality becomes more and more an issue, as it is much easier to measure different parameters online.

A big part of our life we spend in houses, offices and other buildings. The indoor air quality is based on the refreshment through the incoming air and the recycling of the indoor air.

The excellence can only be given by using the right fil-ter. DELTRIAN has the whole range of filters following the EN779:2012 annexe A standard.

DELTRIAN is an ISO 14001 certified company and as such is very concerned about environmental improvements. A big issue re-mains energy consumption. We developed filters which give an average low pressure drop during their entire life time.

This has an effect on one hand on the lifetime of the filter and gives on the other hand considerable energy savings. Our EU-ROVENT certified filters give our customers a guarantee on pressure drop levels and filtration quality.

Our HVAC filters including: domestic filters, filter media, fan coil filters, panel filters, bag filters, compact filters, mini pleat filters and activated carbon filters.