Cleanroom Deltrian solutions to « CLEANROOM » applications

A cleanroom is a room or a series of rooms where the concentration of particles is controlled in order to minimize the introduction, generation and retention of particles inside the room. The aim is generally specifically industrial or for research.

Parameters such as temperature, humidity and relative pressure are also kept on a specific level. Cleanrooms are used in fields subject to environmental contaminations:

• Biotechnologies
• Food processing industry
• Spacecraft manufacturing
• Optics
• Micromechanics
• Operating rooms
• Bacteriological rooms

In these fields, objects and substances used vary from the micrometer to the nanometer. The air coming into the cleanroom can be filtered according to the several sizes of unwanted elements: dust that can be 30 times less big than a human cell. In order to limit the early filters clogging, the air entering the cleanroom from the bottom is filtered through an ATU (Air Treatment Unit) and then sent out into the room from above. This technique lets air the global volume in the room up to 60 times per hour.

Two types of rooms can be distinguished:

• Rooms with a pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure in order to avoid pollutants coming into the room.
• Rooms with a pressure lower than the atmospheric pressure in order to avoid pollutants going out. In this case, the extracted fouled air goes through an absolute filter before it is lifted to outside.

As such, Deltrian has a team of experts at its disposal but also a whole range of absolute filters and housings which allow you to adapt your cleanrooms to the standards linked to your business field.