Deltrian will produce 30 million masks starting from June

1 Apr 20

We are pleased to share with you some good news, we have been selected for the Walloon Region tender.

Indeed, like you, we were shocked and taken aback to know that our hospitals, our doctors, our nurses and our citizens are out of stock while the fight to contain the virus is tough and has only just begun.

We decided to get personally involved in order to offer a concrete, fast and lasting solution for the manufacture and supply of surgical masks.

At the outset, the Walloon Region taskforce identified four potential players for the production of surgical masks.

After examination on the basis of objective criteria (compliance with product standards, commitment to dispose of raw materials, investment stability, credibility of the business plan, implementation deadlines, etc.), we were selected.

How are we going to do it?

The solution is based on the implementation of two production lines (capacity: 5 million units / month) and fully automated packaging in a pure environment.

We thank the Walloon Region for the preference and the trust !