COVID-19 Update 17.03.2020

17 Mar 20

We inform you that our plan is as follow for your support:

  • Deltrian is continuously reviewing inputs from the various Authorities including World Health Organization, Governments and other local authorities to ensure compliance with the measures required to maintain Health and Welfare above all. 
  • All our raw material sources and production sites continue to work under normal conditions.
  • Deltrian’s Supply Chain remains solid and uninterrupted as of today. Our operations all over Europe keep on working and supporting our partners. We are however monitoring the situation on a daily basis to comply with local measures imposed to us.
  • Safety Stocks/Inventories

      o We do have reasonable stocks in our warehouses ready to be shipped
      o We do have sufficient Raw Materials to produce with no immediate              ddd concerns

  • Technical Support remains operational to help our partners and communicate with them
  • Travels & Customers Visits

      o “Social Distancing” is the rule and is strictly applied
      o All International Travels have been suspended until further notice
      o Domestic Travels in each Country are only allowed on a “Case by Case” Basis when absolutely necessary
      o Non Face-to-Face Methods of Interactions are being promoted
           – Web Meetings
           – Phone Calls / Conference Calls
           – E-mails

As member of the Eurovent organisation we just received the recommendations of REHVA about COVID-19. You can find this document on the official website : COVID-19 guidance webpage.

Should you have any question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us, the DELTRIAN Team remains at your disposal

Best Regards,
Jürgen Alexius